Monday, July 23, 2007

The Nestlé boycott on Korean Television news

Nestlé-Free Week earlier this month has given a boost to the campaign. Banners and logos announcing Nestlé-Free Zones and other links to the campaign page on our website, have made it the most popular page, visited by thousands already. The page is kept updated with boycott news and resources so it is worth going back. New postings are announced with updates to the banner ads. See:

This is the updated banner, just posted. Don’t copy this one as it is frozen in time. Use the code from the site so your banner automatically updates.

We are alerting people to coverage of the Nestlé boycott on Korean Televisions main morning news last Thursday, 19 July. The clip is a few minutes long and can be viewed on line by clicking here. Interviews are in English, with Korean subtitles.

There is coverage of Nestlé-Free Week and our phone-Nestlé campaign. As we revealed recently, even Nestlé Public Affairs Manager, Dr. Gayle Crozier Willi, admits that Nestlé is ‘widely boycotted’.

Below are some screen shots. Follow the link above to view on line.

Thanks to volunteer Aran for the poster design.

In the clip you can see the Baby Milk Action office and some of our campaign materials.

Here I am with Korean subtitles!

We did a spot of leafleting around Cambridge. Here is my colleague, Patti Rundall.

The interview asked the man and woman in the street if they knew about the boycott. This man did and explains the basics of the issue.

The piece included footage from the UNICEF Philippines film, available from Baby Milk Action.

The piece also looked at breastfeeding in the UK, showing the convenience of breastfeeding while out and about.

Gillian Weaver, Chair of the UK Association of Milk Banks, explained about donor human milk at her milk bank at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital.

So thanks to the campaign many more people around the world know of the boycott, the impact of aggressive marketing, the importance and convenience of breastfeeding and the existence of donor milk banks.


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