Friday, July 06, 2007

Hit us with Nestlé-Free Week

Many thanks to everyone who has posted our Nestlé-Free Zone banner advertisement and logo on their blogs and websites. If you haven't done so yet you can find them by clicking on the logo:

Nestlé-Free small

We are getting tens of thousands of hits on the website from the banner advertisement and links people have posted on sites such as the mothering website - screen shot below.

Our banner ad is one in a cycle on the mothering website, but seems to be catching people attention, judging by the traffic.

The posters are also being downloaded, with the Kit-Kat-Free Zone proving particularly popular.

We would like some mainstream coverage in the UK as well, because for some people something isn't real until it is in the papers or on TV. Accordingly, we have issued a new press release. This refers to a recent letter from Nestlé's Public Affairs Manager, admitting that Nestlé is 'widely boycotted'. This is significant as Nestlé's Chief Executive Officer, Peter Brabeck-Letmathé, has the habit of ignoring the results of independent surveys and saying there is little support. The Public Affairs Manager refers to an independent survey from GMIPoll, though does then try to offset this with Nestlé's own survey which apparently found that people love the company!

Find out more at:

A couple of things from elsewhere in the world.

If you are in Sweden, you can find out about the:
Internationell köpbojkott: Nestlé-fri vecka 2-8 juli

And in Italy today there is a group running a stand in Torino. Tomorrow there is a public meeting: MODENA: sabato 7 luglio, 21:00, spazio del Florida Estivo (Parco della Repubblica - Modena), ingresso da via Salvo d'Acquisto. 1977-2007: BOICOTTAGGIO NESTLE': molte buone ragioni per CONTINUARE, incontro con un rappresentante della RIBN - Rete Italiana Boicottaggio Nestlè. See

On Monday I will update the Nestlé-Free Zone banner advertisements with a revised message so do please keep them on your sites.

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