Thursday, July 05, 2007

Campaign coverage in the media

Our campaign to strengthen the draft legislation for the marketing of baby foods issued by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) on Tuesday is a lead news item in Marketing Week today (5 July - available in WH Smiths). This is pictured below. The article can be read on line, but there is a subscription for the full text.

This picks up on the point in our press release that the Regulatory Impact Assessment contains nothing suggesting that breastfeeding rates will be influenced by the legislation. That is for the simple reason that companies will continue to be able to advertise follow-on milks, feeding bottles and teats and to target mothers with direct mail, carelines and general advertising. We will continue to lobby for the law to be brought into line with the Code and Resolutions and work to gain media coverage. The launch of the draft legislation was a good news peg, but didn't find space in the daily papers.

The promotion of Nestlé-Free Week in Ireland by Sinn Fein continues with this 'top story' in its news weekly. See:

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