Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Politics of Breastfeeding - pre-order for October

The Politics of Breastfeeding is a book that has motivated many people to campaign to stop baby food companies aggressively marketing their products. It is an interesting and entertaining look at the history of breastfeeding and the culture that provides or denies support to mothers.

It was written by Gabrielle Palmer, a founder member of Baby Milk Action back in the days when it was set up by health and development groups and known as the Baby Milk Action Coalition. Gay, who qualified as a nutritionist and has worked for UNICEF, remains very active in working to protect infant health and mothers' rights, as a trainer, author and very popular speaker.

The great news is that The Politics of Breastfeeding has been updated and will be available in October.

We are taking pre-orders in our on-line Virtual Shop. See:

To help Baby Milk Action, Gay has agreed to sign a limited number of copies. We are offering these on a first come, first served basis for people who add a donation of at least £10 to their order to go towards our work.

When you read the book you will likely be angry at the way companies have and continue to put their own profits before health and the poor response to this from many governments. Campaigners have achieved a great deal to stop aggressive marketing practices and we can do more with your help, both financial and spreading the word. So please do order a copy of this book and, if you can, make a donation.

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