Thursday, June 26, 2008

Acting locally has a global impact

Why turn out to the demonstrate or leaflet against Nestlé malpractice? You meet other campaign supporters, you have fun, you learn about the latest with the campaign, you inform people who see the demonstration or take a leaflet and you have an impact that echoes around the world. All of which combines to keep the boycott in the public eye, keeps the pressure on Nestlé, helps to force changes in marketing policies and practices and encourages governments to stand up to company pressure and introduce enforced legislation.

Here is an example of this working in practice with an article on a South Korean news website tody. If you visit this site you will see a picture from the demonstration at Nestlé (UK) HQ last year:

It is in Korean and is about the impact of western governments and corporations on food policy and apparently has already received tens of thousands of visits on its first day.

So help spread the word around the world by acting locally!

We are currently planning for International Nestlé-Free Week which in 2008 will be around the 4 October. See:

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