Friday, June 27, 2008

Nestle angered by film on water

There is a report of a Nestlé representative allegedly out of a film festival the company sponsored in Nantucket during the screening of the film Flow, from the production company of Adam Yauch, a member of the band the Beastie Boys. According to the report on the website of the magazine Radar, the Nestlé rep. told an audience member the film was 'one-sided'. See:

I have left the following comment:

I've not seen Flow, but I know all about what Nestlé means by 'balanced' having seen the untrue comments it makes about its baby food marketing.

On water I investigated Nestlé's water bottling activities in São Lourenço, Brazil. Nestlé commissioned an 'independent' report from Bureau Veritas which said that Nestlé had complied with all legislation. I spoke with the auditors, who had also visited São Lourenço. They seemed unaware of the fact that the Public Prosecutor had taken Nestlé to court after receiving a petition from thousands of citizens of the town that relied on tourism to the water park, the springs in which were deteriorating due to the volumes of water Nestlé was pumping.

Bureau Veritas responded to me: "“our work did not constitute a legal audit as such, nor did it include a review of the on-going civil action".

Eventually the case was settled out of court, with Nestlé agreeing to stop pumping and compensate the town by reforming the park or pay daily fines.

So victory to the people of the town in the end. Sadly it took ten years.


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I left this:

I witnessed Nestle destruction of Sao Lourenco aquifer. they pumped 1 million liters of water a day for years to make pure life out of mineral water. Even though it was against brazilian constitution to demineralize water they went all the way for years. They also destroyed the the oldest fountain in town to build on top a huge wall. the trees around the park died because the aquifer went down 9 meters. Please check at our site the pictures of sao Lourenco and its destruction!