Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Study day on Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies

We work with the Emergency Nutrition Network to help ensure that responses to natural disasters and other emergency situations are appropriate when it comes to infant feeding.

Those of you directly involved in this area may be interested in the following study day in June at the Institute of Child Health, for which I am posting the announcement here:

Infant and young child feeding in emergencies (IFE)

Wednesday 25th June

Marie McGrath, Felicity Savage, Marko Kerac,

One purpose of the day is to introduce to policy makers and programme managers concerned with infant and young child feeding, the operational issues and special needs of populations in emergency situations. Another purpose will be to increase understanding among emergency relief workers about the practicalities of infant feeding in these settings. The day will also share how the work on IFE has developed, locate IFE in humanitarian initiatives and give practical pointers on where to locate key resources, materials and contacts on IFE.

The day will take as its starting point the Operational Guidance on IFE for Emergency Relief Staff and Programme Managers, and will cover the importance of the issue, policy, co-ordination, assessment, technical interventions and training needs in emergencies. Special infant feeding issues will also be addressed in the morning session, such as artificial feeding, and a collaborative effort to review and improve the management of infants with acute malnutrition. In the afternoon, participants will be asked to think through and discuss how to approach specific situations presented in the form of scenarios with reference to the Operational Guidance on IFE.

10 .00 Introduction and Overview of infant and young child feeding in emergencies
Operational Guidance and reference materials
11.00 Break

11.30 Special feeding challenges –
- Artificial feeding in emergencies
- Managing acute malnutrition in young infants (*MAMI Project)
12.30 Lunch

1.30 Working groups: questions on typical scenarios

2.30 Plenary discussion on the answers to scenario questions

1600 End

The Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) will participate in the day as a representative of the IFE Core Group, an international interagency concerned with policy guidance and capacity building on IFE.

*The MAMI Project is an ENN led project to review the management of acute malnutrition in infants, in collaboration with the Centre for International Health and Development (CIHD), and Action Contre la Faim (ACF).
For further information on the work of ENN and the MAMI project, visit www.ennonline.net

Fee £75 including sandwich lunch

If you are interested please contact info@ichevents.com

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