Thursday, April 17, 2008

Response to Mr. Tom Levitt MP

This is just a quick note to say if you have received a letter from Mr. Tom Levitt MP claiming that Nestlé stopped aggressive marketing of baby milk 30 to 40 years ago and dismissing the documentary evidence of on-going malpractice, then you will be interested in the briefing paper we have produced in response.

This shows how Mr. Levitt is making claims that even Nestlé does not make in his attempt to clear the company and excuse his free trip to South Africa and tickets to Wimbledon provided by Nestlé.

Plus the facts about Nestlé formula advertising and labeling and the South African government's position.

This can be downloaded from our action page in support of South Africa at:

We are asking Mr. Levitt to issue a correction, so it would be useful if you could let us know about any communications you receive. See the contact link at:

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