Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby Milk Action's Annual General Meeting

It was Baby Milk Action's Annual General Meeting last Saturday. Many thanks to everyone who made it to Cambridge for the event.

Our board of directors is elected by the membership, who also have accounts and an overview of our activities presented to them. You can become a member via our on-line Virtual Shop at:

Members receive our printed newsletter (though you can opt to receive this electronically if you prefer). More importantly, your membership fees help to keep us operating. Our self-generated income makes up more than 50% of our what we receive, with the rest coming from grants from development agencies and charitable trusts.

We do reserve the right to refuse membership (those refused can take out a subscription to the newsletter instead) and ask people attending the meeting to declare any link to the baby food industry. Of course, this does not stop a company from sending someone along to tape the meeting without declaring a connection. We don't go as far as Nestlé, which had me searched when I attended their Annual General Meeting last year!

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