Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Spotlight on rule breakers in Indonesia on Al Jazeera

Here is a recent news report that has just come to my attention, from Al Jazeera about the aggressive marketing of baby formula, with a focus on Indonesia.

This includes an Indonesian-specific version of the Breaking the Rules monitoring report. There is also special mention of how the first Nestlé boycott that ran till 1984 brought in international marketing standards for breastmilk substitutes. The boycott was relaunched as Nestlé did not keep its promise to abide by these measures.

You can find more on the global report, Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules 2007, at:

Here's an example from the Nestlé profile.

Other examples include promotions on formula to retailers, hosital sign boards sponsored by Nestlé and idealizing cereal promotion (included in the Stretching the Rules section).

There are profiles on most of the other companies mentioned in the Al Jazeera report as well.

Nestlé has already come out fighting in response to the Breaking the Rules report, over the example of it branding babies in China I mentioned last week. It has indicated it will continue the practice. More on that shortly.

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