Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How do you know what is going on?

News of the baby milk campaign and Nestlé boycott may reach you in many ways. It could come from Baby Milk Action, in the media, at events, in conversation with friends and colleagues, or in a song set to be a hit. Yup, the boycott is checked in a new release from
Dan le sac VS scroobius pip.

It is called 'Thou shalt always kill' and you can find it on iTunes or on their myspace page
(the version there has a couple of rude words - you have been warned). In amongst the good advice given in the song is 'Thou shalt not buy Nestlé products'. And 'Thou shalt think for yourselves' - which we hope a lot of people will do by coming to our website to find out more about the boycott.

So how do you keep up with what is going on in the campaign?

We are conducting a survey of our members, supporters and the wider public to find out. We would also like to know how often you would like information and the aspects of our work that interest you the most.

Are you making use of this blog and the weekly podcast? How often do you visit the website? How frequently would you like to receive the printed newsletter (sent to members - next one is being sent out after Easter - click here to join)? Do you have any ideas on how we could improve what we do?

To give us your feedback, complete the quick questions form on the website.

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The vid is on Youtube