Friday, September 29, 2006

Boycott leaflets

There has been further activity around Nestlé's presence at the UK Labour Party Conference and we have issued a new press release with quotes from Nestlé and the Minister for Culture, who shared a platform with Nestlé, but distanced himself from the company. Click here for the press release if you are following that issue.

One task today was developing a funding proposal for a website project. We've had volunteer help in the past for developing our main site and could do with some more for this new project, so if you are a web magician and want to help please let me know.

Mainly I was working on an article, which I'll say more about in the future. In amongst it all, the emails keep coming.

Someone was asking for leaflets as she had been to a park that had only Nestlé ice cream and after speaking to the manager wanted to leave something written behind.

So here is a quick guide to what is available.

You can download leaflets from the website. See the quick link to 'downloads' in the 'boycott' section of our website. Alternatively, contact us and we can send you printed copies. Donations to help cover costs are appreciated.

Very popular are leaflets showing a baby kicking a jar of Nescafé, with the key facts on the reverse.

We have our '10 facts' leaflets which have a bit more information and are particularly useful for handing out at meetings where Nestlé is present. This is updated whenever we are doing a mass photocopying session in the office for an action of our own.

For more details still there is a four-page briefing called 'Nestlé's Public Relations Machine Exposed'. This is useful if you are trying to persuade school, college or work colleagues to support the boycott. This can also be viewed on line here.

There are petition sheets as well and you can collect signatures and send them to us. We'll hand them in to Nestlé at a future demonstration. We had 5,000 signatures at this year's demonstration.

Youll also find logos for making stickers.

We have a set of four leaflets we send to people who want to know more about the campaign and our work. These are good if you are having a stall. They are folded so we send them from the office rather than having them on the site.

Very popular items are credit-card sized cards with lists of Nestlé products to give to friends you've persuaded to join the boycott. An alternative are cards with the message 'Nescafé - No thanks' which you can leave behind in cafés or guest houses that don't stock other brands. These are available via our on-line Virtual Shop.

The shop contains lots of other campaigning resources, such as car window stickers, t-shirts and mugs. There is also a great range of books on infant feeding and our popular breastfeeding calendar.

I should also mention our newsletter which can be downloaded as a pdf file from the update section. You can sign up to receive alerts when new information is posted to the site. We can provide printed copies for a stall or passing on to others.

If there are leaflets you would like that are not covered by the above, please let me know.

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