Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Boycott art wanted

Boycott art wanted

Lots going on today, which will be covered in coming blogs.

In amongst it all one of the emails that dropped into my inbox was an offer of volunteer help with designing materials.

We have had some great designs over the years. I particularly like the Fight the Nestlé monster logo donated to us by graphic designer, Rebecca Clark. You can see it by clicking here.

Someone suggested recently that we put it on a t-shirt to sell for spreading the word and bringing in a bit of money. If you are interested please let me know or leave your comments at the foot of this blog. If we have enough interest to justify investing, well go ahead.

Other designs are welcome. You can see some other examples of boycott art by clicking here and in the downloads section.

Last October I attended a Swiss tribunal into Nestlés trade union busting activities in Colombia. Members of the food workers union had travelled to Switzerland to participate and there was a video link to a parallel meeting in Colombia. There as the backdrop at the Colombia meeting was the Nestlé vulture logo which had been downloaded from our website.

So if you contribute a design you never know how far it will travel exposing Nestlé malpractice.

A particular need we have at present is for posters and leaflets for use in shops to explain why Nestlé products are not being stocked. We have the baby kicking the Nescafé leaflets (which we can supply or you can download), but most shops that support the boycott exclude all Nestlé products. So for a long time we have been trying to put together a design and slogan which will be eye-catching and immediately make sense. Any ideas? We can provide text for the back of the leaflet.

If this is not for you, perhaps you have artistic friends who can put their minds to it.

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