Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nestle launches 'shared value' report as malpractice is exposed.

This is the latest email alert (sent out using the Mass Mailer I wrote about yesterday):

On Monday Nestlé launched its 'shared value' report boasting of its "positive impact on millions of people across the world." Our press release about this is included below: "Campaigners criticise Nestlé shared value report as PR whitewash to divert attention from malpractice."

[Not included here - see it on our website:]

The report includes claims that Nestlé markets baby milk responsibly. It comes as we launch our March Campaign for Ethical Marketing action sheet, exposing Nestlé's systematic violation of international marketing standards around the world as well as the weaker Nestlé Instructions the company promotes as its policy. See:

For example, Nestlé claims not to advertise or promote infant formula, yet partners in South Africa have asked us to help stop Nestlé promoting its 'new improved' formula in supermarkets. You can view Nestle's shelf talkers on the site. We are asking people to send a message to Nestlé new Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Paul Bulcke, who is due to take over from Mr. Brabeck in April (Mr. Brabeck will continue as Chairman).

Mr. Brabeck rejected the four-point plan put to him to save infant lives and ultimately end the boycott. It remains to be seen if Mr. Bulcke will change policy.

Elsewhere, Danone, which recently took over NUMICO (owners of Nutricia, Milupa and Cow & Gate) making it a global player, has announced a root-and-branch review of business practices. You can send a message to Danone welcoming this and asking it to commit to bringing its policies and practices into line with the marketing standards. We have put a similar four-point plan to Danone as that rejected by Nestlé and hope it will act on it, as a US feeding bottle and teat company is doing to become 'Code compliant'.

Mr. Brabeck is now on tour with his report. Let me know of any events so we can alert people to raise concerns about Nestlé practices at the meetings and with leaflets outside. You can download our ten facts leaflet and other resources at:

Contact us if you are in the UK and would like leaflets. There is a forthcoming event organised by Nestlé and the London Business School on 10 March: "Where next for corporate responsibility: Can business make a meaningful impact?" It is taking place at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in London (near Baker Street tube) beginning at 10:15. Contact me if you are interested in coming along.

If you do leaflet at any events, please do follow our leafleting guidelines. Do not cause an obstruction. Move if asked to leave private property (you have a right to be on public property). Offer leaflets, but do not force them on people. If there is to be a big group staging a demonstration, it is a good idea to inform the police beforehand. Please keep us informed of any action you do take and let us know if you need any help.

The link for the action sheet once again is:

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