Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mass mailing email alert lists

I have a shareware programme for mass mailing. It is called macmassmaler. As the name suggests, it is for running on a Mac. You can find it here:

This has just been updated (at the time of writing it is version 1.3.5). This is a much improved version. It has its own smtp engine and can cope with smtp timeouts.

I did have some problems prior to these updates and some of you on my email list may have received my last email alert more than once. Sorry about that. Problems are now solved.

Great news as tomorrow I am sending out an alert with our updated press release on Nestlé's latest PR initiative - its 'shared value' report - and our new Campaign for Ethical Marketing action sheet.

The mass mailer makes it very easy for me to update lists. I just collect the emails and webforms from people wanting to join or leave into a folder in my email programme. I also collect the delivery failure emails. Export the folder (which on a Mac you do simply by dragging it to the desktop). From the mass mailer, I can then scan the folder for email address and indicate whether I want them added or deleted from my mailing list.

Very efficient and hopefully will keep me off spam lists because I only email people who sign up and they can unsubscribe easily.

If you want to sign up to receive alerts, go to the contact page of

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