Monday, March 10, 2008

Buxton residents respond to Tom Levitt MP's column praising Nestlé

I wrote last week about an inaccurate defence of Nestlé written by Tom Levitt MP in his weekly column in the Buxton Advertiser after an all-expenses-paid trip to South Africa, where he failed to notice Nestlé promoting formula in supermarkets in breach of marketing requirements and its own proclaimed policy. We are targeting this violation on our March Campaign for Ethical Marketing action sheet. See:

My letter pointing out the innacuracies, given in that blog, has been published under the rather snappy headline: "Firms claims are 'utter rubbish'". See:

Some of Mr. Levitt's constituents also took issue with his unwarranted defence of Nestlé. See:

Nestlé bottles Buxton water in the town. One of the letter criticises the company regarding the spa that also makes use of the spring water. It is not the first time where bottling operations and the development of tourism based on spring water have come into conflict. See our past press release on Nestlé's damaging impact in São Lourenço, Brazil:

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