Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thank goodness for mother support groups

From time to time people contact Baby Milk Action for advice on feeding their child. This is not something we are able to give and we direct people to their health worker, mother support groups and independent sources of information, such as the National Health Service website and carelines and UNICEF's materials.

You can find links and contact details via this blog or on our website links page at:

We do not link to commercial websites, partly because this could raise questions over our independence and partly because we do not have the resources to monitor the sites.

UK mother support groups are non-profit organisations and an important resource. We believe they should have better support from the government in acknowledgement of the important role they fill. Some do accept commercial sponsorship and we have welcomed groups producing and publishing their funding policies, which can be found on the Baby Feeding Law Group website:

Like Baby Milk Action (which accepts no commercial funding) the contributions of members and magazine subscribers is crucial to these groups. I've flagged up the work of different groups in the past and having just received an advertisement from La Leche League GB will give them a plug. It is great to know these groups exist when we need to refer mothers to somewhere they can find support and independent information.

Please do make contact and join or subscribe if you can. If you are able to run an ad like this one to help promote their work, I am sure that would be appreciated.

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