Monday, March 17, 2008

Will Nestlé pay compensation for its quality control failings?

My colleague, Patti Rundall, was on South African radio at the weekend, being asked about the recall of Nestlé formula there. A batch has been manufactured with incorrect levels of ingredients. The day after the announcement, Nestlé had received 15 customer complaints and stated: "We have been told that the babies have been vomiting or having diarrhoea" . We have asked Nestlé to clarify where the products are sold. See my blog from last week at:

In her interview, Patti raised the question of compensation for affected families. Compensation is important not only for the families, but to help motivate companies bring their quality control standards up to expected levels. This has been picked up in the South African media. See:,2172,165962,00.html

In the UK we would expect compensation to be paid and don't believe families in South Africa be treated differently.

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