Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The right to food book reviews

The book Global Obligations for the Right to Food has been reviewed in a couple of current publications. The International Lactation Consultant Association features it in its March 2009 review.

The Food Magazine, which examines the practices of the food industry and the action needed to protect and improve its impact on public health, carries a review in January/March 2009 issue (no. 84) available on its website:

My chapter on holding corporations to account is one amongst ten, edited by Professor George Kent. The Food Magazine review states: "Kent’s book is a valuable start into this world of politics, money and power. It pleads for greater institutional (national and UN-based) involvement in ensuring that the principles established in the right to food and the other charters and conventions that lay down human rights are put into practice in national law and international agreements."

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