Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Baby Milk Action RSS newsfeeds

As you probably know, this blog has an RSS newsfeed. We have now launched two more. If you have a feed reader, simply scan this page and it will find the feed so you can add it to your list. Then you can find out what is new on the blog by looking at the reader.

If you don't have a feed reader, then you could try a service such as iGoogle. I have no particular reason for suggesting this one. It is just the one that I came across when looking myself. I have a page set up as my home page with several widgets on it that read different feeds and perform Google news searches. So when I switch on my computer and open my browser at the start of the day I see what is new. Then at intervals I can check back to see what has changed.

If you have another service to recommend, please leave details in a comment.

There are two other newsfeeds that I have set up.

Weekly podcast newsfeed

One is for my weekly podcast. You can find the feed on the podcast page, which is:

Or enter the feed link directly, which is:

Baby Milk Action latest news newsfeed

This is a feed of the latest news entries from the Baby Milk Action website. These are not so frequent as the blog and include entries such as press releases, media watch and the Update newsletter.

You can find the feed by scanning the page:

Or enter the feed link directly, which is:

If you know sites where it would be good to submit the feeds to bring them to the attention of others, please go ahead.

And if you find all this information useful, please do remember to drop us a donation from time to time to help us keep operating, particularly if you have not yet become a member of Baby Milk Action.

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