Thursday, August 30, 2007

August promotion ending shortly

Tomorrow is the last day of our August promotion so take advantage of this great opportunity.

Order before the end of August and enter the promotional code 'blogaugust' when asked why you came to the shop today. View the great merchandise at:

You will then receive free gifts worth at least 10% of your order value.

So order our new IBFAN breastfeeding calendar for 2008 and you might receive a set of breastfeeding postcards.

Order our new t-shirts with our popular fridge magnets displayed upon them and you might receive a set of postcards, boycott badge and pack of 10 Nescafé - No Thanks cards.

Order two t-shirts any you might receive a fridge magnet (these are currently not on general sale).

Order 10 breastfeeding calendars, making a bulk order saving, and you might receive one of our books.

Only one day to go! So do take advantage of this offer before it ends!

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