Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nestlé-Free Week preparations around the world

We have been plugging Nestlé-Free Week for the past few months and the banner advertisements and logos are spreading through cyber space, bringing people to our Nestlé-Free Zone page. See:

Baby Milk Action's partners have been busy too. Yesterday INFACT Canada sent out a press release, which you can download here:

INFACT Canada coordinates the boycott for North America and is encouraging people in the Canada and the US to call Nestlé customer service telephone lines to tell the company they are supporting the boycott. You can download the briefing here:

Baby Milk Action has a poster about calling Nestlé and a video on the Nestlé-Free Zones page at:

In Italy they are planning demonstrations. In Trieste and Modena on 4 July and in Modena and Rome on 7 July. See:

In the Philippines, Sweden and Cameroon, they are publicising the week through the media. The Cameroon group has also produced leaflets in local languages.

Baby Milk Action is officially launching a range of reusable cotton shopping bags. The images used are below. They can be ordered at:

If you have a bag, why not send us pictures of you using them out and about.


Suse said...

Thanks for all the informations! The Nestlé-Free Week ist a great idea which i like to support!

Anonymous said...

Mike many thanks for your work and tireless activities.

It really is appreciated.

Here's my little bit to try and help the cause.