Friday, December 12, 2008

Nestle-Free Sweden

I've received pictures of the posters used by colleagues in Sweden for promoting International Nestlé Free Week in October.

You can continue to promote Nestlé-Free Zones using the resources on our website:


Anonymous said...

My husband goes to Sweden frequently with his job. A few weeks ago he was there and found himself amidst much excitement about the new office coffee machine - one of those awful Nespree things. He caused a lot of confusion when he refused his usual morning cuppa - 'No ta, he said, I don't do Nestle'. After he'd explained, the excitement died down and he was handed his usual, Swedish brand, instant brew. He was back there this week. The machine, he tells me, is now gathering dust in a cupboard. I bloody love the Swedes!

Apparently, in Sweden breastfeeding is expected. If you don't do it, you're pretty much seen as a bit odd...I can appreciate that.


Anonymous said...

Great story, Ann!