Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take action against Nestle spying

I have been sent the following from victims of Nestlé's spying activities. You may like to sign their petition. You can find more on the Nestlé Critics website at:

Manifesto for freedom of expression and against spying by Nestle and Securitas

In June 2008, the TSR TV channel in French-speaking Switzerland revealed that the private security company Securitas had infiltrated a working group of ATTAC, the altermondialist movement, on behalf of Nestle. The group was working on a book on Nestle's policy in several areas, including genetic engineering, bottled water, milk powder and coffee, and in particular its attitude to workers and unions. In September 2008, the TSR revealed another case of espionage. A Securitas executive infiltrated the "Groupe anti-répression" in Lausanne, an organization that had collected information on case of police brutality. Recent revelations lead to the conclusion that spying operations continued well after 2005.

We, the undersigned, find it scandalous that private companies conduct such snooping operations. We condemn outright the spying activities carried out by Nestle and Securitas against ATTAC and other altermondialist organisations.

We demand that Nestle and Securitas stop all espionage immediately!

Rather than employing spies to work against people likely to be critical towards it, the food giant Nestle would do better to run its business in a way that makes that criticism unnecessary. The undersigned call on Nestle to respect workers and unions throughout the world, to guarantee fair prices to producers, to protect the environment and to ensure that their products are of high quality.

The undersigned demand that the Cantonal and Federal authorities expose the Nestle and Securitas scandals. Moreover, we demand that they take the necessary measures to protect the rights to free expression and freedom of association, from the clandestine actions of private companies.

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