Monday, December 01, 2008

The right to post information on Nestlé and debate its activities

This blog has been locked by blogger over the past ten days, supposedly as a 'spam blog'. This happened once before. I believed at the time this was because I was posting daily and the Google algorithm thought this must be the work of an automaton!

But it happened ten days ago and again today - I am not even sure if this will post as my unlock request is still listed as pending.

People can flag blogs as objectionable and potentially this has happened. Certainly over on the Nestlé Critics website there have been some recent comments from people complaining about it being one sided. This despite the fact it directs people to Nestlé's own site and, in specific instances, Nestlé's press releases and other materials and allows people to comment.

Anyway, I have no objection to people hearing from Nestlé employees - that's why a section specifically for them to leave comments exists on the Nestlé Critics site. See:

Here's the recent comment:

Get balanced, why you are having 1 sided view in 21st century?
. I am a boiler operator in Nestle' factory in India.
Let me share, ok you find out:
- Check water reduction to produce same product in last 5 years.
- Check energy reduction to produce same product in last 5 years.
- OK check the CFC phase out & check with other MNCs
Having no comment from any of Nestle' worker should be enough to review your opinion
l am lucky to be with Nestle'

And another couple of pro-Nestlé comments from the visitors section:

when you are stoping this site?
We are pained to see the -ve propaganda from ill informed people......
Ok, guys. You are enjoying the freedom of expression.
Fine one day some one shall alunch a site "friends of Nestle'"


I caution readers that this site does a disservice to the public. Promoting breast feeding is admirable and should continue whole-heartedly. However, presenting misleading or half-truths about Nestle (or any infant formula manufacturer) does not further the health of children in this country or elsewhere. I work in academia (not industry) and it is essential for facts to be presented in a forum where many experts can comment (representatives from academia, healthcare, and industry). Sites like this one do just the opposite and no one can make a decision to boycott or promote anything related to infant nutrition from reading information solely from this site.

Anyone who is familiar with the campaign and the evidence-base for all claims made about Nestlé malpractice will be able to form their own opinion about such comments.

I'm all for debating Nestlé malpractice and took part in many debates myself with Nestlé Executives until they called a halt having being embarassed at losing them and fueling support for the boycott in the process.

Today Nestlé refuses to even set out its terms and conditions for attending an independent expert tribunal we have proposed.

So, yes please, let's have more debate, not less.

And whoever keeps getting my blog locked, please stop it!

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