Saturday, August 22, 2009

International Milk Banking Conference in 2009

A message from the site of the UK Association for Milk Banking about a celebratory conference for a century of human donor milk banks taking place on Saturday, 26 September 2009 in Vienna.

Milk is pasteurised and stored and used principally for premature infants, who do far better than infants fed on formula and are less likely to develop the debilitating condition of necrotosing enterocolitis (gut tissue death).

The European Milk Banking Association (EMBA) is delighted to host this Centenary Anniversary Conference in Vienna, home to the world’s first established human milk bank. This will be an opportunity to learn from the accumulated wisdom of a century of milk banking and to identify current problems. We will also be considering how best to utilise this knowledge to ensure optimum safety and accountability as the future of milk banking unfolds.

Details and booking forms at:

Topics include:

• A century of milk banking

• Is donor breastmilk baby friendly?

• Achieving Optimum Nutrition for preterm infants

• Analysing breastmilk in practice

• Uses of Donor breastmilk – what next?

• Making a world of difference – a look at milk banking around the globe

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