Thursday, February 14, 2008

Taking stock

This is clever.

I've taken an hour out from legal battles, consultation and countering Nestlé misrepresentation of what it is doing to add this is table to our on-line Virtual Shop. It shows the stock of our popular fridge magnet t-shirts at:

You might have to scroll down to see it because of the way the blog editor works.

Stock (approximate)


I don't know what state it is in at the moment as it is updated live. It could be we have just had a batch in and there are plenty. It could be we have moved on from this particular design and there are none showing at all. It depends when you read this blog entry.

This is just one of the wonderful features with the Romancart system that we use for the shopping cart and linking to our secure payment systems. I give the system a free endorsement because we had a lousy experience with another system some years ago and this one does what we want, is easy to set up, has loads of features and has great support, such as on-line discussion forums.

Here's what the t-shirt looks like anyway.

All profits help with all the other things you read about on this blog, which I'm now getting back to.

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