Friday, February 22, 2008

Nestle backsliding on its claim to abide by 6 months recommedation for introduction of complementary foods

You need eternal vigilence with Nestlé. In 2003 it caved it with its opposition to World Health Assembly Resolutions, adopted from 1994, which said that the appropriate age for introducing complementary foods is 6 months of age.

Nestlé refused to accept the validity of the Resolution WHA 47.5 from 1994 and it took 9 years of campaigning and further Resolutions until, during a week of demonstrations in the UK, Nestlé announced it was 'taking the lead' in re-labelling complementary foods for use from 6 months, rather than 4 months or earlier. See our press release from the time at:

Now we have news that Nestlé is trying to corner the market in infant nutrition products with a new line called NutriNes. According to a report on the website Nutraingredients, Nestlé boasts the food will be 100% natural and the technology used: "perfectly preserve the taste of the ingredients and their nutritional quality."


The website also reports: "A spokesperson told that the food will be aimed at infants over the age of four months."

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Anonymous said...

I took part in an online product survey in December that showed potential packaging for these products. At the time there was no mention of what age they would be aimed at, however it did look as though the Nestle logo might take a back seat to that of Gerber (which I believe was purchased sometime last year). Something else to watch out for, when it's finally released!