Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Information on formula from Baby Milk Action

A while ago I wrote a blog asking: "Which infant formula is best?"

People asked for additional information. There is a vacuum of objective information on formula and the differences between brands with different ingredients. We have been calling on the health authorities to provide this.

While we shall continue to campaign, I've bowed to the demand and put together a short film for mothers and other intending to use formula that explains the regulations for formula sold in the UK, the legally-required ingredients and the optional ingredients found in some formulas, but not others.

I don't go over the specific brands on the market at the present time as they keep changing, so it will be necessary to look at the labels, but I will add a page that can be kept updated.

You can find this information on our new-look website, which is under development. It is necessary to register (free of charge) to see the full film.


Comments can be left on that site. I very much welcome feedback.