Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Message from the ONE MILLION CAMPAIGN: Add your name in time for the World Health Assembly

Just a Few days to go to submit the petition to World leaders ! Sign it NOW !

About 10 million of the world's children die every year before they reach their fifth birthday. That is, over 27,000 per day, or over 1100 per hour. Of these 1100, over a third - more than 450 - are less than a month old. Evidence tells us that good breastfeeding practices can save thousands of these babies. Unfortunately, not even half the women of the world can carry out adequate breastfeeding. 135 Million, babies are born every year. Only 64 million women can initiate timely breastfeeding. Only 48 million women can practise exclusive breastfeeding for six months. They cannot carry out adequate breastfeeding of their babies because they lack support.

IN JUST 5 DAYS we will make the first petition presentation to policy makers at the World Health Assembly in Geneva to demand this support to women for being successful in breastfeeding and stop unethical marketing of baby foods/formula. More than 40,000 people have already joined. Add your voice to strengthen the petition.

So Hurry Up, and Sign It Now and use Tell Your Friends option to ask as many people as you can to sign before then.

Thanks !

Team ONE MILLION CAMPAIGN- Support Women to Breastfeed

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