Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Nestlegate' spying scandal returns to the courts - will be raised at Nestlé demonstration Saturday

At the Nestlé shareholder meeting on 23 April, ACTARES, a group of campaigning shareholders, raised the case of Nestlé employing a spy to infiltrate the group ATTAC Switzerland.

Nestlé Chairman, Peter Brabeck-Letmathé, apparently stated that he did not believe they did anything wrong, and if it it was found to be, such as practice was contrary to Nestlé policies and would result in disciplinary action.

Strange then, that in the court case brought by ATTAC Switzerland documents apparently reveal that the spy, employed through SECURITAS, reported to a former MI6 officer, John Hedley, Nestlé's head of security. Details have been posted on the Nestlé Critics site at:

Now, Nestlé is fighting the case in the courts and did succeed in having it thrown out. Today, however, it is reported that an appeal court has overturned this decision. ATTAC Switzerland had complained that the investigation had not been through enough. See:

So perhaps the courts will yet tell Mr. Brabeck that spying on campaingers is wrong and next meeting he will have to report on the disciplinary action taken against those (including himself?) who thought it was acceptable.

In light of the fact that the Chairman's speech to shareholders misses much out about the companies practices, I will be making an alternative Chairman's speech on his behalf on the doorstep of Nestlé (UK) HQ on Saturday as part of the annual demonstration. Check back here for the text and film of the event. There is an early report on this and the virtual event on facebook on Community Newswire at:

For reports on the spying case in the Swiss press this week in French see:

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Unknown said...

Como nós aqui do Brasil, representando 26 empresas quebradas/inativadas pela Nestlé com um passivo supoerior a U$ 20milhoes, poderemos ter acesso a um exemplar do Livro " Attac contra o império Nestlé"