Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nestle promoting breakfast cereals in schools

Nestle 'box tops for education' scheme has come up again. This is where Nestle encourages teachers to promote its breakfast cereals (most of which are crticised for being high in salt and sugar) to their students. The school received a few pennies for each box top brought in. It is not only a cheap marketing scheme, but a way to undermine the boycott.

Here's a message I sent today when this came up on the Nestle boycott yahoo group:

It is a great idea to ask the school not to take part, explaining why. In other cases the school has then written to all parents explaining why they are not supporting the scheme. Some of these have agreed to be listed on Baby Milk Action's special page, which also has resources to help you campaign:

We also have a pack of materials at:

It may also be an opportunity to encourage staff, governors and students to think about commercial sponsorship. We have a pack of resources, which is available to download at:

This includes an exercise in which students discuss and develop a school policy on commercial promotion which can be taken to the governors.

In the past we have debated with Nestle at schools, but having lost all debates it now refuses to participate. There is a video filmed by a Brighton school at:

A campaign pack, including a DVD from UNICEF Philippines is available at:

The film can also be watched free of charge online via that link.

Do let us know how you get on.

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