Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Logos for promoting Nestlé-free Zones

To mark International Nestlé-Free Week we have received a donation of the following image, apparently created by a campaigner in Switzerland to promote Nestlé-Free Zones there.

To add this or other logos to your site to declare it a Nestlé-Free Zone, use the code you will find on our site, so that it will automatically link back to that. See:

Below is another logo that has been around for most of the past twenty years of the current boycott of Nestlé.

In it's legal challenge to the new Nestlé Critics website, Nestlé tried to assert copyright over this image, despite never raising it during past years. It seemed a little cheeky and stifling of the right to fair comment, but, all the same, we consulted trade mark and copyright lawyers (pro bono - many thanks to them) and are confident Nestlé has no case.

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