Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nestlé and trade unionist concerns in Japan

Experts on Nestlé's treatment of trade unionists in Japan have added information to the new 'Nestlé Critics' website:

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Anonymous said...

On 12 June 2008, the very serious Swiss investigative reporters tv
revealed that Nestlé paid Securitas,one of Switzerland's largest security firms, to plant a
woman in a group of attac switzerland (my group) from the summer of 2003 until the summer of 2004. We were making conference and
editing a book about Nestlé.
As a co-author she had complete
access to the group's documentation and to all Attac's email contacts around the world, including information on union members in Colombia fighting for workers-rights in Nestle plants. Such information is potentially dangerous in the wrong hands; in the past people have been killed
just for being active organizers especially in Colombia. Her regular reports and memos (physical descriptions, (political orientations, job.) about us and our activities, contacts
were handed over to Nestlé, especially to the head of
security of Nestle. The infiltrator met him at least one time. The named of the head of security of Nestlé is
John Hedley, who in the past was working in the british secret
services, the MI6.
We had a first
audience in tribunal last week.
More of 150 newspapers (in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France) have been writing papers on
the matter.