Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A closer look at promoting CSR in Eastern Europe

Ethical Corporation are running a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event in Prague. See:

I have posted the following comment to their news item on it (Nestlé has a confirmed speaker at the event, though this is not specifically mentioned in the above link):

Participants would do well to look at how CSR is abused and brought into disrepute by some of its leading proponents, such as Nestlé.

Nestlé produces many reports on its activities, particularly those that are subject to most criticism, such as its marketing of baby foods and exploitation of water resources. Analysis shows they do not stand up to the evidence.

So-called independent audits of them, by Bureau Veritas for example, are similarly shown to be flawed. On baby food, Bureau Veritas uses Nestlé's much criticised, restricted interpretation of international marketing standards and when it investigated Nestlé's water exploitation in Brazil was apparently unaware that the company had been taken to court by the Public Prosecutor.

It is hardly surprising that many question whether CSR is anything more than Public Relations to divert criticism. See:

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Unsurprisingly, it seems your comment has not been published by the Ethical(?) Corporation...