Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cow and Gate'slaughing babies advertising

Have you seen Cow & Gate's laughing babies advertisement in the UK?

If so, please let us know what channel and when. We are pursuing this through the Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards.

Any aggressive UK marketing can be reported to us at:

This site also explains how to register appropriate complaints with the authorities.


Anonymous said...

Just seen it on YouTube. Grrrrr!

Lizzardbits said...

Yes! My husband and I are extremely annoyed and discusted with the advert. I believe that it is most heavily broadcast during the very popular "Big Brother UK" programme on Channel 4. It is widely known that most of the viewers are young women (16-30 years old). In fact, my mothers and babies group, most of the conversation is about BB UK and long running drama shows (soap operas) and all of the babies are formula fed except my 100% breastfed 6 month old. One conversation was about how most Mums couldn't be bothered with breastfeeding, and "baby milk is just as good anyway and follow-on milks have more stuff in them nowadays," Ugh!

Anyway, the advert is aweful, the babies airbrushed and looped with canned laughter, and the teeny tiny disclaimer at the bottom of the screen is so small and generally hard to read.


half pint pixie said...

Lodged a complaint in Ireland last week, and have been advised that they're "looking into it" I'll let you know if I get any worthwhile response!