Friday, June 01, 2007

Photo archive and RSS feed

Here are a couple of innovations. We have a photo archive site now on Flickr and you can set up to have an RSS reader tell you when new information is posted to this blog.

For a long time we have been posting photos on our press releases - see the 'Lates News' section of:

These include high resolution versions suitable for printing. This has led to articles on the news stories with quotes and pictures without the journalist even having to contact Baby Milk Action! If you see any such reports, do let us know as we no longer have a cuttings service as part of our cost-cutting strategy.

To make it easier to find photos, we have uploaded them to a Flickr account at:

Some of these still need additional information added and putting into directories for easier browsing, but you will see it is a very rich collection.

In particular, we encourage journalists and picture editors to contact us if they need a picture to illustrate a story about the Nestlé boycott or other aspect of the issue. We have had the experience a few times where picture libraries have supplied pictures for a boycott story that either do not show Nestlé products or do not show violations of the baby food marketing requirements. This has opened the door for Nestlé to have a response published saying it is 'typical' of the campaign to use the activities of other companies to accuse it. We do no such things, being extremely careful in researching the cases we highlight. Even if using an image from a picture library, feel free to contact us to check out it is really appropriate for the article.

The Flickr site has an RSS feed, which means you can tag our page using an RSS reader on your computer and this will alert you when anything new is posted.

You can do the same with this blog on the blogger version. Then whenever I post here, your RSS reader will tell you and you can read a summary and come to the blog for the full article if it is of interest. The blog is updated every week day, though not at the same time (and sometimes in the early hours of the next day).

I found an RSS reader by searching the internet. You can also add RSS links to certain portal home pages. For example, if you are registered with Google.

Alternatively, you can set up a bookmark to this page and come back from time to time.


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nice blog

Jesusa Ricoy-Olariaga said...

Hi Mike, I just wanted to say that what you do is great that I admire you, I am a fan :)
I am an antenatal teacher student with the NCT and I am doing my bit on the Nestle boycott, I live in London but I am Spanish I have just created a blog to translate a lot of english info por pregnancy and birth into Spanish, it is a sort of project and I've been searching a bit on the Nestle boycott and it is not that much do you know of a web or organisation in Spain, thank you.
My blog is:

Take care and keep it up!!
Jesusa Ricoy