Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is your site a Nestlé-Free Zone?

If you are supporting the Nestlé boycott, why not tell people about it with a banner advertisement on your website or blog?

Simply include the code you will find on our Nestlé-Free Zone page and the image will update to give information about Nestlé-Free Week, days of action or other news. Go to:

Nestlé Free

If this is too big, you can use this smaller image. Again you will find the necessary code on the Nestlé-Free Zone page.

Nestlé-Free small

Other resources on the Nestlé-Free Zone page include:

* A powerpoint presentation and short talk to download and adapt.

* Information on a role-playing presentation you could use to raise awareness.

* Details of our new "Fight the Nestlé monster" reusable shopping bag, to be formally launched at the start of Nestlé-Free Week. Order now to have one to use during the week.

* Links to monitoring evidence and recent independent investigations.

* Posters for you place of work or study showing it is a Nestlé-Free Zone.

* A draft email you can adapt to send to friends and colleagues.

Plus lots more.

Direct people to the page for background information and to involve them in the campaign.

Here's the link again:

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