Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Baby Milk Action Radio - coming soon?

Here is an idea. Baby Milk Action radio.

Baby Milk Action keeps on the cutting edge of technology. Well, sort of. We also keep our website purposely low-tech because many of our readers are in developing countries, possibly still using 386 computers or older (remember those) which can't run super whizzy browsers. Coupled with dialup connections and limited connection time, we need something that will download quickly and display correctly (let us know when we have failed in this).

At the same time, we want new ways to reach people and to ensure those with disabilities can access our information. Here again our low tech sites help with page readers for the blind, and we try to follow best practice in making them work with this (again let us know when we fail).

My proposed innovation is a weekly podcast, rounding up the previous week's blogs and maybe even giving a little extra information and insight. As you know from this page, I am an engineer, so love stuff like this. My thinking is I could do a recording at the weekend to post on Monday morning. If there is interest I could even put this out as a broadcast for you to hear with your on-line radio player and take questions at the end of it live in the studio (my desk).

What do you think? Would you listen in at say noon on Mondays? Would you download a podcast?

Would you want me to get a webcam so I can stick the whole thing on Youtube? I'm not particularly keen on the video idea, not through modesty, but because to do an audio only version as well I'd need to strip audio out of the recording and convert it to mp3 or have two programmes running and have to upload two sets of files. Suddenly a fun project could become a lot of work and eat into my work time.

But let me know. We rely on you to spread the word about the campaign and to keep us informed of what is going on out there. Would this help you?

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Anonymous said...

I like podcasts! I find that the ones which are just audio are good because they can be put onto an I-pod, which I listen to whilst doing boring things like housework. looking forward to it!