Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nestle-free shopping trip

A break from the heavy stuff today to post some pictures to promote our new, reusable, Fairtrade-cotton shopping bags out and about around Cambridge.

If you have pictures of our merchandise in action and would like them to appear on our Baby Milk Action Virtual Shop comments blog, please send them to me.

Some new merchandise is in the pipeline. We are thinking baby bibs and adult aprons. What do you think? What images or slogans would you prefer?

Merchandise income helps to keep us operating and independent.

1 comment:

half pint pixie said...

excellent idea, new merchandise is always fun!

One thing that would be great is cotton bags with longer handles, easier to load a couple on your shoulders over your coat while out with the baby :)

how about mug coasters or portable coffee mugs for the office-folk?

Great site by the way, I joined Baby Milk Action last week & I'm eagerly awaiting my breastfeeding magnet coffee mug in the post!
Keep up the good work :)