Thursday, July 19, 2007

China TV covers Philippines case

Chinese televisions has carried a 20-minute report on the way baby food companies are pushing their products. They looked at the situation in China, but the main focus is on the Philippines, where the pharmaceutical companies have taken the Ministry of Health to court to have marketing regulations struck down. These were suspended following pressure from the US Chamber of Commerce on the President.

If you have been following the story on the blog, then you will find many of the things in the film familiar, such as the recent bare breast protest outside the Supreme Court. Ines Fernandez, who sent a message of thanks to campaign supporters last year, is one of those interviewed.

The film is narrated in Chinese, but some of those interviewed speak in English with Chinese sub-titles.

You can watch the film using Realplayer (look for the free download link) by clicking here.

Click here for the page on the Chinese website.

Remember a film from UNICEF Philippines is available through our on-line Virtual Shop.

A document with all the messages of support and petition signatures has been sent to our partners in the Philippines. Thank you to everyone who took action. We have been told this has already been presented to the Secretary of State for Health. Early on in the campaign your messages helped to generate newspaper coverage in the Philippines.

The Supreme Court took oral evidence last month and is expected to rule very soon.

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