Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Love the milk....

This is my one blog this week as I am on leave. I will do my weekly podcast, delayed because of the national holiday on Monday, shortly. You can hear podcasts by clicking here.

I was a little distracted from relaxing and doing the podcast by a comment someone posted on my Myspace blog about Wyeth's new slogan for its formula. You will recall from Thursday's blog last week, that I revealed how Wyeth plans to respond to the warning given to baby food companies in the UK by the authorities that many of the claims they make about their formula are illegal. I reckon Wyeth will be breaking the law with a new 'close to breastmilk' promotion it will be rolling out in the coming weeks. It will be claiming that its infant formula has: ‘improved protein balance’, which is not on the permitted list of claims.

Wyth's new slogan for its SMA milks is: "Love the milk you give". The comment on my blog, prompted me to have a go at a little animation, producing the clip below.

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Maureen said...

What a disgraceful new SMA logo and slogan. It seems that formula milk manufacturers together with their clever advertisers can get round any rule or law.
Will the day ever come when all formula milks must be packeged in colour free containers, without logos,slogans or promotion of any kind? Where the size and type of the lettering is prescribed and information about breastfeeding mothers organisations is given?
Perhaps too we could look forward to formula having to be asked for in the shop rather than reached for from the shelves, in the same way as tobacco products.
I urge health workers to boycott any of SMA's so called seminars and to get their colleagues to do likewise. Alternatively, to go along in order to make a nuisance of themselves and to to report any violations to the Trading Standards Office.