Monday, December 11, 2006

Philippines case reaches the UK papers at last

If you have been following the development of Baby Milk Action's campaign to draw attention to the industry attack on the Philippines new baby food marketing regulations, you will know how this has been generating headlines in the Philippines.

Our event last Friday, presenting messages of support at the Philippines Embassy in London, has now made this newsworthy in the UK.

The Observer ran the following piece on Sunday 10 December, for which we are very grateful. See:,,1968551,00.html

Serious-minded Emma Thompson sent a statement with a delegation of activists to the Philippine embassy last Wednesday, expressing concern about baby food advertising. The Philippines, with the backing of the World Health Organisation and Unicef, recently tried to ban aggressive milk formula marketing, but has faced a backlash from American manufacturers. 'I'm appalled to hear about this attack on the Philippine Department of Health's courageous action,' says Thompson. 'Surely every government has the right to regulate the marketing of baby foods as they see fit.'

It does go to show however, that it is sad but true that a celebrity endorsement is sometimes more effective at drawing attention than a thousand mothers mounting their own demonstration in a developing country.

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